Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bling your phone make it personal

Shoes and clothes always come to mind when thinking about expressing yourself through fashion, but have you ever thought about your cellphone as an accessory? Show off your style in a unique way.

From cases and skins to stickers and charms, there are tons of fun options for personalizing your phone!

Here are just a few:

  • Find a cool case or skin. Protect your phone and add color to your life with a pattered or blinged-out case. You can even bling it out yourself with some stick on stones on a plain case.
  • Personalize ring tones. Don’t use the same tune for everyone. Choose something that reminds you of the person calling. You can make your own ringtones with a ringtone maker free on your apps, and its fun, you can pick out just the verse you want to play. I love this more than just downloading a ready made ringtone
  • Add a background. Admit it: you look at what’s on other people’s screens! Show them who you are by choosing a fun photo for your phone’s background. Put your man, your kids, your grandkids or snap a picture of a fun place or sunset and use it. Change often.
  • Add a charm. Just ‘cause they’re cute! Ofcourse you may have to find a place to put a charm as the newer phones (mine especially no longer has a little hook for a charm darn it)

Don’t miss out. Make your phone your new accessory. Showing your style isn't just for fashion -- it also ensures someone doesn't grab it by accident! Lock your screen if you have nosey family and friends so they don't find those naughty pics or texts too.

What have you done to personalize your phone?

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