Sunday, June 24, 2012

Getting Scammed by the ULTA Stores

You know it really makes me angry to see stores such as ULTA advertise buy 1 get 1 50% off and then when you go through the check out and take a look at your store receipt you see that you have not actually gotten your 50% off the product you purchased. I did this recently and decided the new store which just opened this weekend in Stillwater, OK must have made an honest mistake. So I took my receipt in and had everything neatly circled and prices marked where they made several errors, the first store sales person said "let me get some help, I'm terrible at math", (here is where I thought to myself ;and you work in sales? there is the first mistake the store is making)  the manager comes up and looks at everything and sighs and says "well you actually" got your discounts, it's just divided within all the products you purchased not just the sale items". First off let me just point out, if I am BUYING SOMETHING ON SALE, I WANT THAT PRICE TO REFLECT THAT SALE PRICE. Don't give me bull crap about discounting what's not on sale. PEOPLE...You are letting companies like ULTA, Lane Bryant, Bath and Body Works, and several others continually rip you off for "SALES". This has got to stop and it stops now with me. I want my receipt to SHOW me the MONEY I saved and not show the lies the store is pulling.
I let the sales store person go through her explanation calmly waiting till she was through and I was very nice to everyone, however I am not finished and I will return all the products I purchased and get a full refund, then I will re-purchase the items separately making them show me the correct sales price on each item.

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