Friday, June 22, 2012

Sample BOS

MM Everyone,
I have always wanted my BOS to be made from wood about a 9x12. That
holds 8 1/2x11 paper with the, version that I like, wheel of the
year engraved on the front. Due to a common problem of present day
lack of tools, I can not design what I want.
So after much resolution I have decide to go ahead and make one :
I have designed a sheet that represents my feeling in my path for the
GRIMOIRE in arched multi color font in the middle of my top graphics
the upper left graphic has a design of a hand with the index finder
pointed upward with a ribbon tied around it with To remind me
always of rule 3X3
{ For everything you do ,
you shall get a reaction three times
or three times greater
back upon you}
directly above it is the words 13 Goals (for the 13 goals of a witch)
to the right is a graphic, the wheel of the year with the Sabbaths
written around it then in red circle underneath is the dates of each
Sabbath then in a circle under that the # of the months 1-12
directly above this is words for goal #1
1. Know Yourself
on the wheel of the year in upper left corner I place the #2 goal
2. Know you craft
in the center I placed #3
3. Learn
below the wheel I placed #4
4. Apply knowledge to wisdom
between the hand and the wheel I wrote
under the hand on the left I continued the 13 GOALS
6. Keep your words in good order
7. Keep your thoughts in good order
under the wheel and the 4th goal I place a Hawk and between her
wings I places goal 8.
8. Celebrate Life
lower potion of the page I place a graphic I found which residents
the 4 elements
It has clouds at the top
two geese swimming in a lake on the left
and fire on the right
and two women walking through the woods on the bottom
to from like a circle ( although the element are not in the correct
North (earth)
West (water) East (Air)
South (Fire)
I like the graphic and its representation of the elements. On each
approached element I place the elemental:
Gnome (earth) Undine (Water) Salamander (fire) Sylph (air)
In the middle of the graphic of the elements I wrote the 5th goal
5. Achieve balance
around the graphic I wrote 9th 10th 11th & 12th.
9. Attune with the cycles of the earth
10. Breathe and eat correctly
11. exercise the body
12. Mediate
at the bottom right corner I wrote in big letters
13. Honor your God & Goddess.
In my grimoire I plan to only put spells & herbs
I will sub divide them accord
Herbs by name
Later I may transfer info from my BOS about jells lotions & soaps
that I use.
For my index in BOS

I picked up a 16 colored tab three ring index
(1) Sabbaths and Esbats
(2) rituals
(3) Materials ( Crystals, stones, metals, woods)
(4) Recipes ( foods & potions)
(5) herbs
(6) incense and oils
(7)magical tools and techniques
(8)meditations and visualizations
(9) poems and prayers
(10) mythology
(11) astrology
(12) philosophy
(10) divination
(11) crystals and gems
(13) soap making
(14) Candles
(15) lotions
(16) God & Goddess
Currently All my information is on my PC under a BOS program I
purchased that divides the contents as I have above. I plan to
eventually print out all my info and add it to my BOS
All my thoughts and personal feeling I have been keeping in a spiral
notebook that also has 3 hole so it can easily be transferred to
I will probably only put typed and printed a special font (if I ever
find the one I want)
Due to the fact that I am dyslexic and my handwriting resembles the
scribble of a Dr on the RX pad I don't want to hand write.
I would only be focused on my errors and horrible writing if I did
(oh the problem with being a dyslexia Virgo) LOL......

Dedication Page
Underneath the bright moon light,
I dedicate myself tonight.
To learn the ways, rituals, and rites,
Study divinations, moons, tools, & paths with all my might.
To follow the Wiccan Rede,
Become attune to others needs.
Learn about all the herbs, tool, solitary,
elements, elementals and about astrology
So smote it be
Wednesday, 31 day of October 2001.


The Charge of the Goddess
by Lady Morgana Emania & Lady Moon Willow @
Crystall Waterfall
I, who am the beauty of the green earth,
The white moon among the stars
The Mysteries of the water,
Call upon your soul to arise and come to me,
For I am the soul of nature that gives life to the universe.
From me all things proceed
And unto me all things return.
Let my worship be in the heart that rejoices
For behold, all acts of love & pleasure are my rituals.
Let there be beauty & strength,
power & compassion
Honor & humility,
Mirth & reverence with in you.
Know that your seeking & yearning will avail you not
Unless you know the mystery
For if that which you seek
You find not within your heart,
you will never find without.
For I have been with you from the beginning
And I am that which is attained
At the end of desire
Blessed BE.

Dedication of This Book of Shadow
As I write each word and deed,
with careful thought and harmony.
I beg of the Creator above
To come down and Bless it with LOVE
I ask out of humility
to prevent the unwelcome, it contents see.
By the power of the roaring sea
The power of the land all around me
From the depths of the flames light
And the all power from a moonlighted night
Infuse this book with all your mite.
so that it will be my guiding light
Shower it from every direction
It ensure I learn through it pages & reflection
Creator above, help me reach Divinity
So this book will continue though infinity
That I may remember the rule of three
So smote it Be.

Rule of three fold
For everything you do, you shall get a reaction three times or three
times greater back upon you.

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