Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Neosporin: When going on airplanes, buses, and trains, to avoid getting sick (from the germs of others at close quarters), put Neosporin on pinky, and dab it in your nostrils; right at the edge, not all the way up in the head. This has prevented many people from getting sick on planes.
Diabetes. There was a case I personally know of where someone with diabetes was having an increased heatbeat, 120 beats per minute (twice as fast as normal) because he had a high acidic content. He drank Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and his hearbeat went down to normal. Many diabetics who take insulan die, because insulan breaks down the organs of the body, like the liver and kidneys. Instead, it's best to do things which are good for the circulation. Trampolines have had a huge positive effect for those with diabetes.
Ulcer Cure. Black walnut hull extract and colodial silver water.
Cancer Cure. Appricot seeds cure many forms of cancer, as well as eating a veggetarian diet.
Kill Parasites. Parasites cause almost all diseases. Black Walnut Hulls (which comes in pill-bottle form in a health food store) is the best natural defense. Pumpkin seeds, garlic, and apple cider vinegar (2 teaspoons in water) are also excellent to take.
Dandruff can often be controlled. Shampoo in cool water. Hot water strips the skin of natural oils that help control flaking, and so do alcohol-based styling products like mousse or gel.
Chapped lips. Use a tea bag. The tannic acid in tea helps retain moisture and tighten the skin on your lips. Just remove any lipstick or lip balm, then take a tea bag, put it under warm water, and press it lightly over your lips.
Heartburn. The best remedy is your own water supply. Saliva is rich in natural chemicals that coat and protect. Get those juices flowing with some sugarless gum! Stay away from gum with sugar, it can actually increase acid output.
Disinfect wounds. Listerine works as an astringent when poured on a laceration or abrasion. You can also use honey. Honey kills bacteria and putting it on a cut or scrape can help prevent infection and speed healing. First wash the area, then smooth on some honey and cover with a bandage.
Dress wounds with honey. Honey is hyreoscopic and absorbs water, creating an environment in which disease producing microorganisms, deprived of their moisture, cannot live.
Get rid of warts. White iodine will make them disappear in a few days. You may also try vitamin A and E. Inside of banana skins. Milk from cut end of dandelion two or three times a day. Warm castor oil on gauze three times a day for half an hour. Cod liver oil. Duct tape gets rid of warts fast.
Relieve a mild sore throat. Gargle several times daily with warm salt water.
Cure for headaches. Camamile oil is great for migranes; just rub it into your temples. Another alternative is to take a lime, cut it in half and rub it on your forehead. The throbbing will go away.
Stuffed up nose. Both red and black pepper dilate blood vessels in the nose and they stimulate secretions which help drain sinuses.
Remove dark circles from under your eyes. Try raw potato slices; they contain potassium that apparently will remove dark circles. Another one you might try is warm tea bags; the tannic acid is supposed to do the same thing.
Relieve muscle pain from working out. Try eating bananas! They're rich in potassium, a mineral that has long been prescribed to treat leg cramps!
Get rid of itch from mosquito bite. Apply soap on the area for instant relief.
Treat bee stings. Cut an onion in half and press the cut side to the sting, holding it there for at least ten minutes. Onions contain an enzyme that break down proteins and stops pain if applied soon enough after a sting.
Prevent minor bruises from getting bigger and darker. Put ice on the bruise immediately after you get bumped.
Nighttime cramps. If running gives you nighttime cramps in your calves drink tonic water before you go to bed. It contains quinine, a plant extract that acts as a muscle relaxant. Add lemon to the tonic water or mix it with orange juice to reduce its bitterness.

Cold sores. They heal faster and cause less pain when treated topically with Pepto Bismol or another bismuth-containing antacid. Use a cotton ball to dab the liquid onto the sore every four hours.
"Brain freeze" when you're eating ice cream. Cold on the roof of your mouth causes pain in the temples and eye sockets. The cure? Drink a glass of warm water.
You may not want to keep your medicine in your medicine cabinet. Steam from the shower can break down the pills' chemical makeup! And don't put your pills in a pale pillbox. The original packaging is brown for a reason: some pills lose their power when exposed to sunlight.
Is your little one scared of the doctor? Blow soap bubbles to sooth and distract the child while the doctor goes to work.
Giving cats medicine. If your cat refuses to cooperate when you're trying to give him liquid medicine, put the medicine on the top side of one of his paws. He'll instinctly lick it right off!
Activated Charcoal absorbs toxins in the body (i.e. from taking a lot of medicine). If you have a ruptured appendix, putting activated charcoal on the outside of skin absorbs it. Activated Charcoal is also great if you have high cholesterol. Charcoal breaks down snake venom in half so that it's no longer toxic and your body can absorb snake poison harmlessly. You may also grind activated charcoal, red potato and flax seed oil together for a better remedy (place it in a rag and put the rag next to your skin, to prevent it from staining your skin).
Sun block. Zinc oxide sunblock blocks the sun harmlessly for all ages. Avoid sunscreen, because it causes a chemical reaction with the skin.

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