Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Yes you can Lower your blood pressure Naturally and here are 50 ways to do it!

1. Compliment some one

2. Eat celery every day

3. Drink a can of V-8 vegetable juice


4. Do sit-ups and push-ups every day

5. Solve puzzles

6. Play games with children

7. Pray

8. Start Running or jogging

9. Read the funny pages

10. Sing a song

11. Eat more food with potassium

12. Meditate

½ -hour per day

13. Play tennis

14. Visit a museum

15. Start a hobby

16. Set goals, and work towards them

17. Take extra magnesium

18. Say “yes” to your children more

19. Stop eating sugar

20. Take hawthorn berry extract

21. Use Cod liver oil

22. Sleep well (early to bed…)

23. Do creative artwork

24. Climb trees

25. Love your spouse

26. Help out at a soup kitchen or food


27. Follow a young child around all day

28. Forgive everyone

29. Take Flaxseed oil

30. Start a Tai Chi class

31. Aerobic training

32. Listen to relaxing music

33. Get a massage

34. Fast for 3 days with water only

35. Smile, and laugh a lot

36. “Let go and let God”

37. Take extra calcium

38. Avoid caffeine

39. Draw or paint pictures

40. Deep breathing

41. Find your life’s purpose

42. Listen to a lonely person

43. Take CoQ-10

44. Plant a garden (and eat the results)

45. Brown rice and vegetable diet

46. Hug some one

47. Learn patience

48. Take responsibility for everything in

your life

49. Be happy

50. Pet an animal

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