Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bling Storage for the Bathroom

Bling Storage for the Bathroom


Dear Chicago House,

Chicago teenager does like her make up but her bathroom usually looks like a bomb has exploded in it, with makeup brushes everywhere and clothes on the floor...sigh.

In an effort to make her a little more organized I made this dandy little make-up storage pot. Bling, bling!

it was very easy to make

You will need
1 clean tin can (this one was home to fire roasted tomatoes)
Scrap book paper
Modge podge
Hot glue gun
Decorative fillers (my local Michaels is relocating and had fantastic clearance items, I got three big bags of these for a $1)

Cover the inside and outside of the can with scrap book paper and modge podge. I used a simple dotted paper but you could get some interesting effects using a more detailed paper.Then glue your decorative filler beads with hot glue. I started at the top and worked in lines.

I hope it will become a permanent home for all those makeup brushes!

Love from

Creative in Chicago

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