Sunday, September 16, 2012

Glitter Glitter EVERYTHING

Glitter... Everything!

First up are these little tea light holders that were totally boring on their own...
I put together a mixture of Mod Podge and glitter (same as the glitter clutch) but this time I dumped the mixture in the candleholder, swirled it around until it covered every area and then let it dry upside down for a day. Now, they are adorable and I keep one in the bathroom to hold my bobby pins which has made my life so much easier when doing my hair! Obviously the other thing I glittered was my iPhone case. I had a freebie case that I wasn't using from when Apple was giving out free cases (because of the antenna issue). A plain black case instantly turned into something very girly and glam that I use all the time now! (I just used the mixture and dipped a foam brush into it and painted the mixture right onto the case. It needed about 3 coats.)

*A note on the tea light holders, you can still use tea lights in them even with the glitter, just get the battery operated ones. They look just as cute and they even flicker a little! I have ones that I always keep in my candle holders.

I buy a ton of candles and always try to keep the jars once they are done being candles because they are great storage holders (I use a few to hold my makeup brushes). So instead of just cleaning it out and leaving it as is, I glittered it! I used a different glitter than the Martha Stewart for this one and it was a very fine, almost powdery glitter which I didn't like as much. It took many more coats to get it to be that glittery. The Martha Stewart glitter is the perfect consistency and opaque which I think looks better. To clean out almost empty candle jars, boil a pot of water with about an inch or two of water (depending on how big your candle jar is and how much wax is left) and put the candle in the pot. It will melt the remaining wax in the jar and then you can dump the wax straight into the garbage and then wash the container out. Use a fork to scoop out the wick holders.
I filled it with my lipglosses and lip liners. Now my bathroom has a lot more glittery additions! And lastly, a jam jar converted into a gold pencil holder that makes my desk much more fun!

There are so many things you can do with Mod Podge and glitter. Just look around your house, I'm sure you'll find as much stuff as I did!

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