Saturday, September 1, 2012

Last night I sat outside gazing at the "blue" full moon and did a healing protection spell
I blessed a glass jar with a blue ribbon tied around it for healing waters to be drank this month, I left it sit under the moon light for the remainder of the night.

I felt very calm and relaxed and drank wine and had a couple cookies and shared with mother nature

I feel it will be a good september!
The moon tonight
sings another song
Tonight the moon,
cries another tear,
Tonight the moon,
tells another story...
There she is, up in the darkness,
sorrowful witness of human madness,
hanging amidst nothingness,
part of my nothingess.
The moon is inside me tonight,
the candle I lit for the souls lost,
the forgiveness I gave to the unforgivable,
the white blessing I blessed life with.
She is there, a pale but yet shiny moon,
for life goes on, and love goes on,
for the sake of the tomorrow,
for the need to believe in one moon!

Mystical moon so full and bright
Goddess so pure and ivory white
cast down to me/us your light from above
charging my/our spirit with perfect Love.

A Moon Chant
by: WT Falls

Moon Mother, full and bright,
bless me on this esbat night
And by Your will, Your wax and wane,
grant the favour that I name
Moon Goddess of the sea
show to me my destiny
By your will, the ebbing tide
guide me to the Other Side
Moon Mother Bast, so bright,
guide me with your silvery light,
And by your love's soft sweet refrain,
unite me with my mate again
Moon Goddess in the sky,
watch o'er us with your silvery eye
And as you shine so high above
Protect us with your eternal love!

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