Sunday, September 16, 2012

Painted Glass Jars

I washed and dried all of the vases and jars. (TIP: Washing alone didn’t completely remove the residue that the labels left behind. Some cooking oil and a sponge scrubber does a good job removing this residue.)

All I needed to get started on my project was some enamel paint made especially for glass. I already had two small jars of turquoise paint on hand, but I suggest heading over to Creative-Coldsnow in Westport if you are in need of some good quality and affordable enamel paint of your own. A little goes a long way---you won’t need more than two small jars of the paint.

The painting process was surprisingly quick and easy. All you have to do is pour some of the enamel paint into the jar and slowly twirl it around until the entire insides are fully coated. Once coated, dump the remaing paint into the next jar until you have painted the insides of every jar. Then all that you have left to do is let the paint dry, which takes about two days.

(TIP: I didn’t wear gloves, and after the first few minutes into the process, I immediately regretted it as my hands were completely stained. I used the cooking oil to remove the paint, but gloves would have been easier!)

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