Sunday, September 16, 2012

Seed Bead Ombre Plaited Bracelets


Tool list:
Tigertail (nylon coated wire) / Seed beads in graduating colours / Crimps / Jump rings / Chain / Clasp

Cut 6 lengths of tigertail that are all 12cm long / Put a crimp onto the end of one piece of tigertail, then thread that end through a jump ring and back on itself into the crimp / Push the crimp tight against the jump ring and squash between pliers / Thread on equal amounts of each colour seed bead to required length / Thread another crimp on after the the last seed bead / Thread the tigertail through a second jump ring and back through the crimp / Pull tight and squash the crimp / Trim any excess tigertail / Repeat these steps twice for each jump ring so you end up with three lots of two strands / Attach all three sections with a jump ring at one end / Plait the three sections together and secure with another jump ring / Measure the extra chain needed to fit around the rest of your wrist and secure each end to the outer jump rings of the plaited section / Part your chain in the middle and attach your clasp to one end (and a jump ring to the other if needed) / Put it on your wrist and rock some ombre styling!

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