Thursday, October 4, 2012

How To Clean Your Ceramic Stovetop

Glad I found this helpful tip, thanks

One of my least favorite things in the world to do is clean my stove...I know, kind of lame. It's not that I mind cleaning it. I just can't ever seem to get it clean enough. It makes me nuts! Well, now I have it figured out...I was doing it all wrong. Glass spray alone just isn't enough.

Is this what your stovetop looks like up close? Don't be ashamed...this is AFTER I had cleaned it. Those are the hard cooked on bits that are almost impossible to get off of your stove. I say almost, because honestly, it isn't that hard. All you need is a little baking soda!

Sprinkle some baking soda on your stovetop. Then grab a scrubber and lightly wet it. Don't get it too wet, make sure to wring it out. Now start scrubbing the baking soda over the stains.

A paste will form, and you just keep scrubbing those spots. Once you think they are all gone, wipe clean with a paper towel or clean soft cloth. If you like, spray with glass cleaner and wipe clean for a little shine.

Now your stovetop should be nice and clean!!! Seriously...wasn't that easy and inexpensive?

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