Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wine Bottle Lights

Remember these?

Now that you've enjoyed a lovely bottle of wine or two you can make yourself a bottle lamp. Heres how:

1. Clean your bottle and allow to dry.

2. You'll need a piece of clay to help keep the water from running off-just form a ring barrier around the area you intend to drill.

3. Using your 1/2inch diamond head bit, drill into the reservoir of water the clay allows you to maintain.

(Notice the black plastic holders on each side of the bottle. This is to keep it from rolling off the table)

Be careful during this process the bottle may break if you apply too much pressure, or work too quickly. My first attempt was a success, but bottle number 2 and 3 did not make it.

3. You can sand the edges with sanding paper if desired. Be sure to clean the bottle once again making sure there aren't any little pieces of glass.

4. Now your ready for your christmas lights. You can add between 35-50 lights depending on how big your bottle is. To help manipulate placement of lights use a wire hanger to push the lights into the bottle.

You can find lights at this time of year in the garden section of your everyday department store.

5. Now your ready to add the cord switch. Just follow the directions on the back(you can find these at any hardware store).

Voila! You have a really cool looking lamp, and a great conversation piece at that.

You can top the bottle with your favorite wine stopper or simply use the cork it came with. You can also use a tiny little lamp shade(I attempted to make one my self but I didn't like the way it turned out). The decor for these bad boys are endless.

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