Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Posing Guide

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Special thanks to my model, Lacey! She did a beautiful job!
Everyone wants to look their best in their images. Let's face it - All girls want a little Tyra flair!
We want to look at our images and not pick ourselves apart!
This guide serves to provide hints to clients who want the best look! The posing changes from the first to second image in each set is minimal, but small changes impact greatly!

Set 1
The Full Frontal Stance (that almost sounds dirty!)
Notice the straight stance in the first image versus the S-curve in the 2nd. With the change in her stance came the tilt of the head. Thumbs in pockets are always better than stuffing four fingers in your pocket. Bringing in the leg closest to the camera is a SLIMMING move! I always stand like that for pictures!
Set 2
The Liz Pose
The eye likes to follow a line, but not a dead level horiztonal line. Leveled body images are widening and create zero dimension in the image. The same is true for knees and elbows that point directly to the camera. For the most slimming pose, turn to the side and bend the leg closest to the camera. Notice how other elements naturally fall into place such as head tilt. Hand placement is also important. Notice you can see that both hands are relaxed in the 2nd image. They are visible and not closed off.

Set 3
The Hand Pose
Let's talk hand placement for a moment. Keep hands relaxed. Avoid the open palm look. Again - widening. Notice how the soft curve of her hand in the 2nd image shapes her face without squishing it. Her face is resting in her hands and she is now looking up to the camera.
Set 4
The Arm Cross Pose
Just a variation of the topics above:
Hand placement - Open, visible and soft!
Unlevel shoulders which lends to chin down, eyes up and super slim!
Set 5
The Side Stance Pose
Bring on the S-curve! Notice the super slimming and simple respositioning from image 1 to image 2. All other elements naturally follow! Shoulders are turned slightly back toward camera.
Set 6
The Headshot Pose
Rule of thumb: Two eyes, two ears, two of anything... always position on an unlevel plane.
Obvious difference, eh?
Now you know how simple getting a better image of yourself can be!

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