Sunday, January 27, 2013

Diet Poem

Diet Poem
(this could so be done as a diet spell)

Looking young but feeling old
Because your fat and always told,
You think for you there is no hope
... Depressed with weight you can not cope,

Now the time lets make new start
Healthy food brand new heart,
Start off breakfast tea and toast
Just eat one or two the most,

Biscuit buns and fancy cake
No thank you we do not take,
Apple orange plum or pear
More for us we like to care,

No more pies or greasy fries
No thank you we got to wise,
No junk food we changed out taste
Our target now is smaller waist.

From now on no sugar drinks
Lemonade or coffee tea
Better bitter sugar free.

Exercise is what we need
Not a plate to fill our greed,
Take a jog or long good walk
Don't just sit all day and talk.

Or go the pool take a swim
Burn those calories nice and slim,
The future now is happy smile
All new clothes in fashion style.

By Gerald Follis Lurgan
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  1. wow.. great job :)