Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fair Isle Mice - pattern

Fair Isle Mice - pattern

My grandmother used to make tiny felt mice that were a lot like these so I want to make some.

Cute little knitted mice with a colourful Fair Isle band. A great way to use up your oddments of yarn.

To make your own mice, you will need-
Oddments of double knitting weight yarn in main colour and 5 contrasting colours
A pair of 3.75 needles
Toy stuffing

k = knit
p = purl
sts = stitches
inc = increase
k2tog = knit 2 sts together
k2togtbl = knit 2 sts together through the back of the loops

Finished size – 3 inches long (excluding tail)

(Starting at tail end of mouse)
With main shade and 3.75mm needles cast on 9 sts, leaving a long end to make tail.
Row 1: k 1, inc knitwise in every st to end. (17 sts)
Row 2: p
Row 3: k 1, inc knitwise in every st to end. (33 sts)
Row 4: p
Row 5: k
Row 6: p
Rows 7 – 13: work Fair Isle pattern from chart.

Row 14: p
Row 15: K2tog, k 8, k2tog, k 9, k2togtbl, k 8, k2togtbl. (29 sts)
Row 16: p
Row 17: K2tog, k 7, k2tog, k 7, k2togtbl, k 7, k2togtbl. (25 sts)
Row 18: p
Row 19: K2tog, k 6, k2tog, k 5, k2togtbl, k 6, k2togtbl. (21 sts)
Row 20: p
Row 21: K2tog, k 4, k2tog, k 5, k2togtbl, k 4, k2togtbl. (17 sts)
Row 22: p
Row 23: K2tog, k 3, k2tog, k 3, k2togtbl, k 3, k2togtbl. (13 sts)
Row 24: p
Row 25: K2tog, k 2, k2tog, k 1, k2togtbl, k 2, k2togtbl. (9 sts)
Break off yarn and thread through remaining sts and pull up tight. Fasten off.

EARS (make 2!)
With main shade and 3.75mm needles cast on 3 sts.
Row 1: inc knitwise in every st. (6 sts)
Row 2: k
Row 3: k
Row 4: k
Row 5: k2tog, k 2, k2togtbl. (4 sts)
Row 6: k2tog, k2togtbl. (2 sts)
Row 7: k2tog.
Fasten off.

Sew up seam on body and stuff.
With the long tail from the cast on, make a twisted cord of about 5 inches in length to form the tail.
Attach the ears to the head and embroider eyes.

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