Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ice Candles

I am going to show you how to Turn ICE into a Beautiful Candle

Like This

Impressive and Beautiful aren't they?

now Lets Get Crafty learning how to make Fire From ICE

Make your own ice candle to decorate the outdoors for pennies and a little time.
Materials needed:
a large plastic bucket, or Rubber
rubber gloves (optional),
and a votive candle.

Step 1. Fill buckets cold water about an inch or two deep allow them to Freeze you can put them in the Freezer or outside if its cold enough outside

This step is important so you have a bottom on the candle. When the bottom is frozen, move to the next step

Step 2 once your bottom of your Bucket or container is Frozen
*Add food coloring, leaves and branches or fresh berries for a festive touch!*
Fill Container with Colored water or leave Plain if you want
and put a container with an Elastic band in the center
Weight the container with Beans or Rice or Sand to keep it weighed down
the Container should be big enough for a votive Candle or Tea light Candle
Keep in mind you can do Layers of colored water
Allow them to Freeze Solid

when the Container is Frozen about 14 hours - overnight

Empty the cup of its contents and fill with hot water and it just just pop Right out

run water on outside of the container and the entire candle will pop out of its container Shell

now just Fill with a Candle and enjoy
here are some photos of Ice Candles to inspire you to create your own
you can do Themes perfect for yule if you add holly or mistletoe pine and flowers

place outside on steps or driveway and enjoy the beauty of turning ICE into FIRE

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  1. How cool is this idea! Stupid question but I need to know how you manage to get the ice mold out of the bucket or bundt pan without melting all the ice? I've seen this done in milk cartons and always wanted to try it. Now that I've seen this, I just might try it out of curiosity! It was 29 degrees when I went to bed last evening so it would certain work. We were down at the cemetery yesterday morning and it was 35 and 37 degrees by time we got back home 3 hrs. later. I would think that a glass container would break from the cold. I saw a sign, regulation at the cemetery(Veteran's cem.)that no glass containers were allow, only metal. but you could certainly do the same in metal I would think. Dont recall how long the battery operated candles last. What about using "glow sticks?" I've seen them inside balloons on Pinterest.