Monday, January 7, 2013

Kitchen Gremlins Stole my rubbermaid Lids

Well I have to write this to get it off my mind, I can not figure out how lids to storage containers can Up and run away. They have a good life in my kitchen I must say they get bathed regularly, they get filled with the best of foods, meats, cheese, cream, gravy(occassionaly), and lots of good veggies, yet they still must be unhappy so they run away, that's all I can figure out.
Recently I purchased the rubbermaid Easy Find Lid set and now I find that I only have 3 lids to fit the large containers in the set,
This set comes with the following amount and sizes:

5 - 0.5 Cups
5 - 1.25 Cups
4 - 2.0 Cups
2 - 3.0 Cups
2 - 5.0 Cups
2 - 7.0 Cups
Now I find that I have the 6 containers, 2 - 3.0 Cups 2 - 5.0 Cups 2 - 7.0 Cups but only 4 lids.
I do not easily throw out things nor does my son who I live with and there is no one else who would come to my house and just throw away lids without asking me, my kids know to always ask MOM first about these things. ;)
It upsets me now that I can only use 4 of these perfect size containers with the lids, and the other two just have to be lazy and sit in the cupboard.
I have written the rubbermaid company asking if I can just purchase a set of lids and we will see what they say and for what price $$$

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