Monday, January 7, 2013

"Little Women" Books and Paper Dolls

I read "Little Women" - Louisa May Alcott when I was a young girl, and it turned into one of my most favorite stories ever. So when I found paper dolls I just had to buy them with my allowance. I treasured them but through the years they finally fell apart, although I did have them for many years.
When I had 4 daughters I encouraged each of them to read the book and we also bought the movie, and they also loved it.
Well I now have a Pinterest, and I found little women links there and am very excited to say I found paper dolls.
So here I am sharing one of my favorite treasures with you.
I hope you will share the book "Little Women" with your girls, neices, grand daughters, friends; and enjoy the paper dolls as well.


  1. I ran into this post accidentally, don't know if this blog is still running. I'm doing a research for my post on Jo March. Didn't know for this paper dolls but I'll be glad to incorporate it.
    If you got the chance, you can visit my blog and I'd appreciate your opinion on my characterization of March sisters.

    1. yes you may link to my post on "little women" paper dolls always glad to see writings about the March sisters