Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mary Engelbreit dolls

Mary Engelbreit dolls

Although these Mary Engelbreit dolls are relatively new, they're still fun to collect. If you bought the M.E. magazine over the years when it was in publication, each issue came with its own paperdoll page. Very handy for collecting.

One of the projects I've always had in my mind to do is to gather a bunch of paperdolls, cut them out, keeping the tabs in place, then covering a small table or chair with them, item by item - decoupage! It would be fun to do a small cabinet or cabinet doors this way as well. Maybe something that would sit in a child's bedroom or play room or in a laundry room, depending on the dolls and the clothing you choose and how you go about it. I'd paint the piece first, then when completely dry, figure out how and where you want the dolls and clothing to go. There are plenty of decoupage glues out there which are non-harmful and plenty of 'how-to' decoupage websites. Now to find furniture pieces to use.
In the meantime, it's fun to think about.

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