Friday, February 8, 2013

Deodorant Recipe -get away from the chemicals

Deodorant Recipe
I found this recipe a few months ago and I am now testing it to see if I like it enough to stop buying store bought deodorants with all the cancer causing agents >>>>

You’ll notice that it calls for some strange butters like kokum and illipe. My first batches didn’t have these hard butters and instead called for more beeswax. However, I found that the beeswax left a waxy orange residue on my clothing. This latest recipe creates a firm, stick-like deodorant without leaving a waxy residue. I apply it once a day and it’s been working great, even on hot summer days.

For this recipe you’ll need...

To begin, weigh out all of your different butters and beeswax and place them in a pot or double boiler. Heat very gently, stirring continuously.

Once they are completely melted, turn off the heat and slowly pour in the oil. (I like to make an herbal infused oil for this using aromatic anti-microbial herbs. Sage, lavender, thyme, rosemary and cottonwood are all great ones to use. Here’s a video on how to make an infused oil. If you aren’t using an herbal infused oil you may want to add essential oils instead.)

After a couple of stirs the mixture should again be clear with the butters and oil completely combined.
Next add the baking soda and stir well.

Then add 1/8 tsp of lime juice. When you add this it will react slightly with the baking soda and produce a more combined end product (before the baking soda was probably all clumped at the bottom of the pan).
Keep stirring to let it cool briefly.
Then, while still liquid, pour it into a used (or new) deodorant container.

I have made this and am testing it now to see if it works as good as the store bought, because I really want to get away from all the  bad ingredients in store bought products....I will let you know
There you have it! My best deodorant recipe that has taken me a year to formulate. I hope you enjoy making your very own deodorant!

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