Wednesday, February 20, 2013

End of Winter Days ahead

Well I wanted a few good days of white fluffy snow here in Oklahoma, but that really isn't going to happen at least not where I live.
Instead we got half a day of white stuff and then the sleet started and rain, then sleet again, so we got an icey mush. Cold and treatcherous to drive on, although during the day the roads were pretty clear, however I stayed in and gave into shoulder pain from pulling something the night before.

Then I caught up on emails, and a little cleaning and then to my crochet work. I am working on a pair of tiny cowgirl boots for one of my sweet grand babies first birthday this weekend.

With Valentine's over it's time to move onto the next upcoming holiday for americans at least, Easter, or Ostara as we witchy folk call it.
So I will be posting recipes on my recipe blog and crafts and ideas here over the next few weeks.
I hope you find things you like here and always leave me a positive comment now and then.
I share what I find and make and things I feel are important.

Have a great week, stay warm, or cool depending on where you may be and peaceful blessings
Witchy Woman- Cheryl

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