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Homemade Beauty Products-My new Craft

5 Simple Ingredients for Homemade Beauty Products

I have added a new healthy craft to my home business

Homemade Beauty and Health Products

Email me mscheriluv@hotmail.com for prices and list of current items I have for sale.
I love it when I know exactly what's going into and onto my body. When I can name every ingredient in something, without resorting to phonetically sounding it out. When the stuff that goes on my lips (or in my mouth) is actually edible. When the oil that soaks into my skin comes from olives, rather than petroleum. When my cleanser smells nice because part of it was once real flowers. 

So now I make alot of my own beauty products. And actually, it's sooo easy and really fast, too. Faster than running to the high priced beauty stores or even wally world which I'm becoming less and less a fan.. Make a list, go get these things, and try some OR you can Just Order them from me, I put love into every recipe and save you the time.
Email me mscheriluv@hotmail.com for prices and list of current items I have for sale.

Here are 5 fantastic and cheap ingredients to get you started: 
Organic coconut oil 
Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which has antimicrobial properties (and which babies get a good dose of in mum's milk). It's a good saturated fat, but got a bad reputation from the hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated varieties found in processed foods. So stick to the extra virgin or minimally refined versions. 

*cook with it - it doesn't break down at high temperatures, it lasts ages, and it's creamy at cool temperatures
*use it for creams like deodorant or chest rub
*use it for cleansers and make up removers
*use it as a conditioner for hair or a moisturiser for skin

Um, just looking at all these cross links and you can see how much I love coconut oil! I actually have two varieties - the extra virgin (which is less processed and much more coconutty smelling) and the refined (which is more subtle, when you don't want a strong scent).

Organic extra virgin olive oil
Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and is known as a heart-healthy fat.

*cook with it
*use it in cleansers and make up removers
*use as a natural furniture polish
*use as a moisturiser for skin or lips or hair

NOTE: store out of direct light if possible
Organic lavender essential oil you only use a few drops at a time!
Lavender can provide relief from insomnia, headaches, and also has antihistimine properties.

*put a few drops in your bath for extra relaxation
*add a few drops to your laundry rinse cycle to make your clothes or linens smell amazing
*add a few drops to homemade moisturisers or cleansers
*add a few drops to 10mL apricot kernel oil for a relaxing massage oil

NOTE: store essential oils out of the reach of children and out of direct light if possible

I love the smell of lavender.
Good raw honey 
Raw honey hasn't been heated to high temperatures, so it retains all its natural goodness. Honey has antiseptic and antifungal properties, and is soothing on the throat. A truly natural sugar.

*cook with it (or just use it raw!)
*use for mild cuts or burns or fungal infections
*makes a good face mask
*helps soothe sore or dry throats - try 1 Tbs lemon juice + 1 Tbs honey + 1 cup hot water

NOTE: don't give honey to babies less than 12 months old, or as your doctor recommends
Tea tree oil like any essential oil it'll last you ages
Another great antiseptic and antifungal essential oil. This one comes from an Australian native tree, and has quite a potent smell. So use in moderation! 

*add a few drops to your hot wash cycle as an extra disinfectant for towels and linens
*helps the skin recover from shaving or you can apply a drop or two directly to mild cuts or abrasions
*use in conjunction with white vinegar to clean the house - try 1 c vinegar + few drops oil + a bucket of hot water to mop tiled floors or without the water to clean the toilet
*is a natural insect repellant

NOTE: store essential oils out of the reach of children and out of direct light if possible
You know that pine-y smell that those (toxic) cleaners have? Tea tree is the new pine, baby. Besides did you know pine oil draws bugs? Eewww right
I hope this has given you just a little inspiration to try making some homemade beauty products! How about a spa day for you and some friends? Where you make your own creams and cleansers together. Have champagne and a chocolate truffle. And laugh, and giggle.
Email me mscheriluv@hotmail.com for prices and list of current items I have for sale.
Treat yourself this weekend!

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