Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to make Glowing Celestial Mason jars

How to make Glowing Celestial Mason jars

What you need is

Glow in the Dark Paint

Paint Brushes
Mason Jar
Glitter/ Epsom Salts ( Optional )
Glue ( optional )

Wash your mason jar out, really well. Mix your glowing paint up. Put tiny dots on the inside of the jar, or Patterns or Designs the possibilities are up to you Try Stars or Spirals or Swirls or Pentacles or Runes or Goddess and Gods Symbols or Elvish letters or Sigils or Constellation designs or any number of Design patterns its up to you how you wish to do this
you could try mix colors together

you could do Dots or Stars the more dots/ Stars , the better. Sit the jar under a lamp to allow it to charge. Put it in a dark room and let it glow. Have Fun and play with this idea

Try doing Designs Stars, Symbols , Runes , Sigils ,Constellations Spirals etc add Epsom salts and Glitter to cool Effects

the Glue and Glitter and Epsom Salt is OPTIONAL
to help you make other Crafts
like the Epsom Salt Mason Jar Blog found here why not make Glow in the Dark Epsom Salt Mason Jars This Step is OPTIONAL and meant to inspire you to be Creative

According to the manufacturer of several brands of Glow in the Dark Paint
If the glow in the dark paint is maintained in a sealed container, it should remain stable and usable for at least 2 years without any performance degradation.

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