Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to make Recycled Bottle Cap Ladybug

How to make Recycled Bottle Cap Ladybug

Ladybug, ladybug, come fly to my home and now you too can have a Ladybug year round in your Garden and home by turning Bottle Caps into Lady bugs

bottle cap plastic or metal work fine

Note if you really want to make it cool use Coke soda caps

acrylic paints in red, black and white or any color you wish
paint brushes
painters tape
googly eyes ( optional )
Hot Glue or Super Glue
fishing line or Floral craft Wire
Felt cloth cut into same size as the Bottle caps

small magnet Optional


1. Completely paint the bottle cap with black acrylic paint. Once dry and if necessary, paint it again and let it completely dry before continuing.

2.use the painters tape to cover the middle

3. Now about 1/5th down from one side, paint 2 red halves, leaving a black line down the middle of the lady bug that gets wider at the bottom.
3. Dip the end of a paint brush in black paint and dot black spots on both wing sections once the red paint is dry.
4. Take a toothpick and dip it into white paint. Dot 2 eyes on the top black section to resemble eyes.
or Glue Googly Eyes

5. take your Felt and poke a pin hole in and thread the floral wire in and Glue the wire to the Felt

6. Glue the Felt to 2 Ladybugs and hang and enjoy

This one has black wire glued to it

now you can make it into necklaces or earrings or refrigerator
magnets or put in your Garden

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