Thursday, February 28, 2013

How To Make Stinging Nettle Tea

How To Make Stinging Nettle Tea

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How To Make Stinging Nettle Tea

Stinging nettles grow wild across the US, Europe and all around the globe. They are highly nutritious and act as an effective remedy for a number of illnesses, injuries and conditions.
Stinging nettles have been found to:
  • Relieve allergies such as hay fever and asthma
  • Relieve eczema and acne
  • Reduce symptoms of the digestive tract, such as acid reflux, excess gas and nausea
  • Relieve chest congestion and coughing
  • Help in the treatment of Alzheimer’s
  • Stimulates the scalp to regenerate hair growth, restore natural color and get rid of dandruff when used as a rinse
  • Naturally cleanses and removes metabolic waste.
How To Make Stinging Nettle Tea
One of the best ways to benefit from stinging nettles is in a tea. Stinging nettle tea is really easy to make and can be made using fresh or dried nettle. If using fresh nettle then carefully collect some from an area away from car traffic, pesticides and animal waste.
  1. Boil four cups of filtered water and remove from the heat
  2. Finely chop four heaped teaspoons of fresh nettle
  3. Add the nettle to the water and steep for 20 minutes with the lid on
  4. Drink hot or cold.
If you can’t find your own fresh nettle then you can purchase a bag of dried nettle leaf from this page on Mountain Rose Herbs. At time of writing, MRH have sold out of nettle leaf, so instead you could purchase this bag on Amazon.
Caution: Because stinging nettles can produce side effects and interact with other drugs and natural treatments, consult your healthcare practitioner before using it.

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