Tuesday, February 12, 2013

make your own frebreeze

make it yourself, you save lots of $$$ and you can scent it yourself by adding a few drops of essential oils.

What you'll need:
1/8 Cup of fabric softener (I used Downy April Fresh)
2 tablespoons Baking Soda
Hot tap water
Spray bottle (I used my empty 27 oz. Febreze bottle)
Using a funnel, pour fabric softener and baking soda into your spray bottle. Fill
spray bottle with hot tap water and shake well. Don't forget to twist the nozzle over
to the LOCK position if you're using a Febreze bottle, or you might fall on your
hiney. Now go spray every fabric surface in your house and take a nap on your very
comfortable and now un-stinky couch. :)
Store-bought Febreze: $5.59
Homemade Febreze: $0.15
Total Savings: $5.44 OR  97.3%!

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