Monday, March 18, 2013

Springtime and unfair health care

We have green clover in our yard, I know most people would spray it, but HEY we have green and our neighbors still have dead grass so I am happy to see it popping forth.
The birds today are going crazy outside, I haven't seen or HEARD this many song birds in ages. Spring has sprung here in Oklahoma.
The only bad thing is it was almost 80 last Friday and today its 60 and yesterday all day it felt like 40 or less. I froze all weekend and was almost too weak to get out of bed. These days I ask myself why I have to be lucky to have so many problems which I try to ignore and hope they go away. Doctors are almost worthless and since I have no insurance there is nothing I can really do but go sit at an ER and be scolded and told I need to go seek wound care (foot ulcers suck) well at $500.00 a visit I wont be going there, other solution at ER is we will amputate and I go home! They wont do that unless I am unable to fight.
The meds they give people for High blood pressure, diabetes and so many typical conditions that about 80% of America has will kill you if you take it and if you don't they say you will die early, what's the difference I ask? Do I want to live to be old and wrinkled and half dead from liver failure and other things brought on by man made medicines? Or do I want to enjoy the life I have without insurance and live each day till I can't go another step?
I am jobless, well almost other than my crafts I make to sell, and I can't afford the things I need hardly, without my family and after following orders of a boyfriend who has almost died of hiding his drinking, which I saved his pathetic life, and I ask myself why did I? He is worse off now than if he was dead, he lied to everyone and even himself. I am glad to rid of that family and their controlling mother who caused all his problems. I have enough of my own problems to worry about, but at least I don't use drugs, never have never will and I am not an alcoholic
I am a strong woman but today's society is making me think something needs to be done for us who can't work, and can't afford insurance, and yet I hear we will be taxed and penalized soon if we dont' have any insurance. well I say F*** the Government. We are a free country and by damned I will not start to become a prisoner here in the US.
So I will live my life trying not to hurt anyone, as long as they either help me fairly and the rest of us average people. I will enjoy the green grass and flowers beginning to bloom and try to keep my mind off my weeping oozing painful foot ulcer and nuropathy pain I endure daily and smile every hobble of the way.

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