Friday, April 19, 2013

Apple Cider Vinegar cures nail fungus

Who knew there was a natural remedy for nail fungus? It isn’t easy to get rid of. If you have nail fungus, you’ve likely tried all kinds of sprays, lotions and creams to no avail. They all claim to work but none actually do anything. Who would guess a simple natural remedy such as apple cider vinegar eliminates nail fungus? In fact, apple cider vinegar has long been known for its anti-fungal capabilities.
Most cures are slow cures and apple cider vinegar is no exception. Still, it works faster than some over the counter cures. In fact, you should see results within a few days when using apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy for nail fungus. It may take months to eliminate nail fungus altogether. You must be patient and persistent.
In order to see results with any nail fungus treatment, you must be diligent. Nail fungus is stubborn because it hides and grows in a closed space. Nail fungus must be treated daily in order for the apple cider vinegar cure to work. No treatment for nail fungus can be done halfway. You must be on top of things to see results. Do not stop treatment until the fungus is completely eliminated.
You may have noticed ads concerning internal treatments (pills or tablets) for nail fungus. These require a prescription from your doctor. Prescription meds can cause liver damage and cannot be taken by everyone. Another option is having the nail removed surgically. The good news is, apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy for nail fungus that can be used both internally and externally. There are absolutely no harmful side effects with apple cider vinegar and no surgery involved.
Topical Application
Using apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy for nail fungus is very simple. Apply full strength apple cider vinegar directly to the infected nail or nails three times daily. Be sure the vinegar gets well under the nail. Cutting back some of the nail growth may help. You can use either an eye dropper or a cotton swab to apply the apple cider vinegar. Do not wipe it off. Let it dry naturally. This allows the vinegar to work on the fungus long after application. Go barefoot whenever possible to discourage fungal growth.
Internal Application
In order to increase the effectiveness of the topical vinegar, you should also be taking apple cider vinegar internally. This gets the anti-fungal powerhouse into the bloodstream, where it can work on areas the topical treatment can’t reach. Once again, this a very simple natural remedy treatment. Just take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar three times daily.
If you drink a lot of soda pop or other sugary beverages, or have an insatiable sweet tooth, this could worsen nail fungus and make it harder to eliminate. Sugar feeds fungus and helps it grow. So, at least while you are using this natural remedy for nail fungus, keep your sugar intake down. If you follow all the natural treatment guidelines diligently, you should be able to kiss nail fungus goodbye within a year of beginning treatment.

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