Sunday, April 21, 2013

Make Your Own Oils

An Easy Way To Make Your Own Oils


Mineral Oil
Fresh or dried herbs/flowers
Jar (any size you want) with a tight fitting lid

Place mineral oil and herbs in jar, place lid on tightly.
Store it in a dark cool area.
Once a week for 2 weeks, shake the jar.
On the third week, strain the herbs out using cheesecloth or a coffee
At this time add more herbs and oil (if needed)and follow the same
procedure for another two weeks.
Smell the oil as you go along to determine the strength of the scent
you want.
When you have achieved the scent, strain the herbs out again, and
store the oil in a dark cool area.

This process may take awhile, but if you can't afford your own oils,
it is definately worth the wait. Oils are very expensive!

Todays Tip
Simple Infusions

Now that the gardens are in full bloom here are two methods for making
infused oils.

1. Put the flowers or herbs of your choice in a large pan with a lid.
Add half their volume of a good quality odorless vegetable oil. Heat the
pan with the lid on to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature the
cells containing the odoriferous molecules burst and these are taken up
by the oil. Strain and then bottle the oil.

These infused oils can be used on their own as a massage or bath oil or
as a base for another product.

2.pack a jar tightly with your flowers or herbs. Cover with vegetable
oil. Seal jar tightly and put outside in the sun for a few weeks
bringing it in at night. Strain and bottle the oil.

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