Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Only One who counts

I have learned you can't please everyone, and the only one who counts is ME.

It's been a very busy weekend and a fun one. Tonight I am having some red sweet wine and thinking.
To think you try to do nice things for people that you want to do something good for and they do not appreciate it.
Oh well their loss and who the hell cares, that's the end of my niceness, you can't always do good things. Muhaha, I don't have time for the dulldrum of life. You shouldn't either, Moving ON.
I found some new crafts today and recipes to share, I hope you enjoy them, as much as the fun I have finding things and creating new ideas.

Time for ME, ME ME ME, just me and MY family, my circles. I think I'll do my nails while it's quiet.
It's almost that time of year to find lilacs, I have some growing outside, can't wait.

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