Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's springtime, scarf Time

I have been browsing some new FREE Patterns today and Have a couple pages to share with you who Crochet. I know how much it pleases you to share freebies and ideas and how you sit on edge waiting for more of my finds. :)
So here are some new Pretty spring things just for those of you who deserve My time spent searching and sharing with YOU.
May it bring joy to your fingers to join with me in creating new things.
I found this pretty Flowery scarf, I will add a few of my own touches to this
Go check it out
Spring Flower41

Also another pretty scarf is found here

and one more I found bright and colorful can be found here
Crochet Granny Infinity Scarf and Cowl Free Pattern
Do go pick a pattern to make a pretty spring scarf for yourself or friends and family too
Have a great Thursday, I am off to play some games and enjoy a glass of VINO.

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