Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oklahoma Destructive Tornadoes in 2013!

We here in Oklahoma for 2013 have had some hellacious weather during the month of May. June has begun with a much better offering of sunshine and calm although I am told we are warned more bad weather is on the way this coming week. We have suffered several damaging tornadoes and there have been massive destruction and deaths in the state. We have been scared by tornadoes on all sides of where I actually live within as close as 3 miles, thankfully we have been spared but I feel very sad for those less fortunate this year.
I feel it's time mother nature lighten up on punishing the earth, especially in this area.
There are several places taking donations of food, blankets, waters, diapers, shovels and trash bags and I hope everyone gives what they can. I have a large assortment of household items I am taking to help those who lost their belongings and will need to start over.
I pray and ask the god and goddess to let the healing begin and give us safe weather for the coming June and months ahead.
As I stood outside the other day watching the dark doom clouds roll over our house and the winds blow their extremely damaging gusts I feared for my life, my family and my belongings, I would not know where to begin to start over, having no insurance and not being able to afford it these days makes you worry even more and watching nature swarm around you with such power makes you know that you are just a small peon in this mighty world.
Do we deserve this, I do not think so, just makes me believe that much more that life is not fair and it has nothing to do with karma because I know some of the people who have been killed, the young innocent children did not deserve such punishment. So I say to those who believe in karma, think again.
I do believe we can change our destiny if we take time to try though and if we want but the thing is people don't think fast enough to make it happen always. We also have to be aware that we can and believe.
Most of us give in to what we see coming and just go with it, weakening to it.

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