Monday, July 22, 2013

Mini (barbie and other) Doll Crochet handbags

Bunches of Barbie Bags - Crochet Patterns

I found this on ravelry free and so I am sharing. after all it was free. You can go there and do a search for the pattern to copy as well. Barbie bags! Because we know with all the clothes Barbie has, she simply must have bags to match!

Here are a set of 4 bags for Barbie. All open and can be used to put small items in (perhaps Barbie needs to tote around some shoes or sunnies, who knows!) They use varying hooks and yarns so please read the supplies list on each one. There is a large granny bag, a produce bag (just like the string ones mum takes to the stores!!), a handbag with a front flap and a little basket type bag.

So onto the bags!

1. Granny Bag
2.5mm and fingering weight yarn (fine baby)
I used Moda Vera Gelato
Make 2

R1: ch4, join to make a loop.

R2: ch3, dc twice more into the loop *ch2, dc 3 times* 3 times, join. (ch2's make the corners, you should have a very small square)

R3: sl st across to the first ch2 corner space, ch3, dc into the space 2 times, ch2, dc into the same space 3 times (one corner complete) *ch1, dc 3 times, ch2, dc 3 times* into the remaining 3 corners, join with a sl st. Finish off and weave in ends.

Place the 2 squares together and join your yarn with a sl st in a corner. sc evenly around 3 sides of the squares which will stitch them together to form the bag. Be sure to put 2-3 sc in the corners to help the bag retain its square shape. when you get to the top of the bag do not end off. Chain 30 to make the bags handle, sl st to the opposite corner to join the handle. End off and weave in ends.

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