Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Canister Label Project

Ok so it seems every time I go to cook something or bake it takes me extra time going through my cupboards looking for the ingredients I need because I bought none labeled canisters to keep things in awhile ago. I like these sealed tight ones better than the fancy ceramic ones because they don't seal air tight and keep food safe from spilling or any spoilage or air drying and clumping that happens in loose lid styles that I have (which I now use for cookie cutters and non food items, because they are too cute to throw out)
So I keep telling myself I need to label things, so does my son when he goes to cook.
Problem is I kept thinking how should I do it, if I use a sharpie they wear off or wash off even a little each time and then they don't look nice. Paper labels can't be washed but look much nicer so I decided to look on my favorite helpful site Pinterest for label ideas, or I would have to make my own. WELL guess what
they have tons of links to sites that offer free labels to print and even add fonts for the ingredients you need labeled. I was in heaven for a few minutes searching for some cute ones.

Here are links to my label page on My pinterest, where you too can find something you can use I bet.

You will need:
a set of canisters,
a printer,
some good quality paper,
double back sticky tape or a way to attach labels(you can buy adhesive paper too)

So here are my canisters unlabeled and confusing right?
so then I picked out some cute labels to use
and I decided to use sticky back tape to put them on, that way I can easily remove them when I wash the canister and replace them when they are dry.
I printed my off on glossy photo paper, nice and thick so they last 
then the fun part, like paper dolls, the cutting them out neatly.
I thought about using a package tape over the whole label but thought no that peels off
also decoupage but that I don't think is safe for food containers, so I didn't want to do that and it would never come off should I want to change something.
The double sticky back tape is nice and easy to use, and easy to peel off to change.
Now everything is labeled and easy to find what I need.
I am ready to get back to my cooking and baking in style
Well except I need to make a trip to the grocery store to restock flour and a few things I ran out of this week doing a lot of baking ;)

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