Friday, August 9, 2013

Burlap CANDLE keeps

burlap candle keeps!

came across this cute crafty idea in my email today thought I would show how to make them

Here's what you need for today's burlap idea - not much apart from some battery operated candles, burlap and needle and thread along with some embellishments like rusty stars, snowflakes, etc.

Cut out rectangles of burlap according to the size of your candles - you need to make sure your candle is showing above the top of the pocket - I just placed the candle on the burlap and left enough for a seam at the sides and bottom.

Now take your heavy thread and needle and sew around the base and sides to make a pocket of burlap and turn right side out.

And voila, you have a little burlap sack to pop a candle into!! I then turned down the top a little to make it more like a sack.

Here's the fun part - you can add whatever your imagination comes up with to adorn the front of the pocket.
I stitched on JOY to the muslin and added it to this pocket~

A rusty star and pip berry with jute to secure it to this one~

source unknown

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