Friday, August 9, 2013

Chocolate Candy Ornament

Chocolate Candy Ornament

These are just too cute, I can think of other ways to use them such as a birthday party or a bridal shower, just done in different colors.

How would you like to make some chocolate candy? What? You don't cook? Hmmm....don't worry this chocolate candy ornament calorie free ;)

First of all, I purchased glass ball ornaments at the end of the season last year, knowing I wanted to make these as gifts for friends and family, this year....but you can find cheap ones even at the holidays if you're careful and use coupons to shop. aka Hobby Lobby does a 40% off one item each week.

Next whip out the glue gun, load that thing up and keep the sticks handy, because this step will take a lot of sticks. Begin by taking the little metal hanger thing out, so you can stick a pencil (eraser side down) into the ornament to keep it steady.

Next, start right along the top and glob on the glue, letting it run, working your way around the entire ornament, until you've got something that looks like this:

I like to do several at a time because really, who doesn't have a zillion yellow no. 2 pencils laying around, when you have school age kids Hu? I use the pencils as a cooling rack and stuck them where ever I can find a place until they cool....the glue looks cloudy when it's cool

Now you are ready to paint. I highly recommend this type of spray paint, because it is a specialty paint, that has the perfect shade of brown...I haven't tried regular spray paint, but this is the perfect chocolate brown.

Now you can be done or if you want to be more creative...

So, I use Mod Podge to coat the runny area only

Quickly sprinkle sugar looking glitter on

And well, you could really leave it looking like looks really cute with a little bit of sugar on top...

I look

So with little red crafty berries

and crushed PLASTIC peppermint sticks

I decorated the top of the chocolate ornament...I did a random gluing of the berries and candy cane, you can do as much or as little as you want....

add a little ribbon string and bow in the cutest check ribbon

Don't pay any attention to the glue strings,You can remove those later after everything is dry

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