Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY-Making Glittering Pinecones

Start with your pine cones, spray adhesive, glitter in any color you would like, and brown paper lunch bags.

Lay your pine cones out on a protected surface.

Open up your lunch bags and dump a pretty good amount of glitter into them. One color per bag...or you could be wild and mix them all together:)

With your pine cones on a protected surface {aka newspaper} spray them with a liberal coat of spray adhesive.

Drop your pine cone into the lunch bag, seal the top, and shake it around.

Carefully remove your pine cone making sure to knock off any of the excess glitter...and you have SUPER cute Glittered Pine Cones!

These are Christmas colors but you can color coordinate to your Christmas color scheme you choose

I think they look so pretty with the glitter, I love everything that glitters

don't YOU?



  1. Where did you get the jar that you have them in?

  2. You can find some awesome jars at Hobby Lobby, but I like to hunt used stores for some good bargains, or garage sales too. Saves Money that way