Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY: Paint Dipped Pinecones

Paint Dipped Pinecones

Bring a little winter woodlands into your house during the pre and post holiday months with these pretty dipped pinecones. If the cones around you aren’t fully opened (open cones look best) dry them out in the oven on the lowest setting until they open completely. Things you need:
1 quart white paint
Floral wire
Things to do:
1. Wrap a piece of floral wire around the top of the cone loosely. You’ll use this both for dipping and drying so you’ll want it either well hidden in the cone or easily removed. Curve the top of the wire so that it is easily wrapped around the hanger.

2. Spread out the newsprint below a hanging surface. A closet hanging rod works well.
3. Shake the paint well and then open. Dip the pinecones slowly into the paint and suspend each over the can for a minute to let most of the excess drip off.

4. Hang over the newsprint to dry. Once the paint has hardened, slip or remove the wire before displaying.


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