Sunday, August 18, 2013

School Days and Nap Mats

I just can't believe how early school starts or that I have a granddaughter starting pre K this year.
Oh don't get me wrong I have older Grandchildren in school but each time another one starts school it takes a little piece of my heart to see them go off, growing up so fast, where does the time GO?

Now they make nap mats even cuter than when my kids went to school some places, so we found this pattern to make nap mats, but then we were told that the school where my grand baby attends supplies the nap mats and blankets and you can't bring your own. That made me sad but I am sharing this nap mat idea anyway, because maybe your school allows them.

You can find the pattern and instructions over at
or you can save time and Order one in several color choices from me
I still decided that I can make these for travel and I even will sell a few custom made ones
I can do names and logos on them
for information on ordering yours
email me
Next I decided that these Crayon holders would be such cute gifts for the kids
Don't you agree
So I have been working on a pattern for making some

Just a few projects I have been working on now that summer is coming to an end
I need to start thinking about the holidays, Halloween(Samhain) and Thanksgiving and Christmas
So many ideas and never enough time. Right? I know

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