Tuesday, September 10, 2013

5 Quick Breakfasts That Accelerate Weight Loss

This is so me, so I looked for better ideas and here is what I have found

Q: I am trying to eat healthy so that I can lose 20 pounds, but I'm having a hard time with breakfast. If I eat cereal, I'm hungry again in an hour. I need to eat foods that are quick or can be made in advance, since I'm usually running out the door. Any suggestions?

A: Yes! Since you're getting hungry after eating only cereal, I recommend that you eat something that's higher in protein. Research shows that eating a high-protein breakfast helps stave off munching later in the day when you're trimming calories to lose weight. A bowl of cereal has a moderate amount of protein (the protein comes from the milk, unless you're specifically choosing a high-protein cereal) — but there are definitely other delicious, higher-protein options out there, including:
  • Nonfat Greek yogurt, a piece of fruit, and a handful of nuts. This is a terrific portable breakfast since you can just toss each item in your purse and take it with you. Nonfat Greek yogurt (plain or flavored) has 2 to 3 times as much protein as regular nonfat plain/flavored yogurt, so making this swap is a super easy way to bump up the protein in your morning meal.

  • Scrambled eggs with reduced-fat cheese on whole-grain English muffins. For a slimmed-down version of the classic fast-food breakfast sandwich, create your own at home — and feel free to add whatever veggies you like, such as spinach or a tomato slice. Delicious!

  • Frozen burrito: These burritos are super easy to prepare in the microwave and contain lots of high-protein ingredients like beans, eggs, cheese, even tofu. One brand I recommend is Amy's — the company makes yummy frozen burritos and breakfast burritos with clean, healthful ingredients.

  • Cottage cheese with fruit and nuts or seeds: A scoop of low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese topped with cut fresh fruit (melon, berries, pineapple, etc.) and 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds or chopped nuts. You can pack this all in a container the night before and take it with you to work — or enjoy it in the morning before you leave.

  • Nutrition bar and 1 hard-boiled egg (or a string cheese): Choose a nutrition bar with at least 8 grams protein and 4 grams fiber — and no more than 2 grams saturated fat. Hard-boiled eggs are terrific because you can boil up a dozen at the start of the week and have them in the fridge, ready to go all week. You can sub four hard-boiled egg whites for one whole egg if you're watching your cholesterol. 

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