Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Christmas Grater Decoration

Primitive Christmas Grater
I am sharing these instructions, which were shared with me, I think these make really cute giftts
Be sure to check out the website link

*Cheese Grater (new or old)
*Pine greens
*Ornament for center display
*pip berries
*Grungy Cheesecloth
*Hot Glue Gun
*White Spray Paint
*OPTIONAL: Mica Flakes or Glass Glitter & Spray Adhesive

First, you will need to "Rust" your cheese grater. I did want real rust this time, so I just wet mine and set it outside for 2 days. Amazing how quickly it rust right up! But, you can just do the "faux rust" if you don't feel like waiting. I am including the "faux rust" recipe in my freebie box to the right for you to download and use for this project.

Now that your grater is rusted, you will need to take your greenery and spray it lightly with a little bit of your white paint to just give it that "snow dusted" look. You don't have to do this step if you choose not to, this is up to you!

Now, either hot glue your greenery or wire your greenery to the front of your Cheese Grater.

Next, take your chosen Ornament and either wire or hot glue it to the greenery center.

Now, Take your pip berry sprigs and hot glue them around in your greenery.

Take your grungy cheesecloth and tie it around the handle, letting nice tails hang down the front. Now, hot glue your button ontop the knot.

Now, you can leave this as is or you can add the extra BLING. I am chosing the Bling! Take your spray adhesive and lightly spray your piece, sprinkle lightly with mica flakes or glass glitter! That's it! How easy was that?! You now have a cute Christmas decoration for your kitchen or dining room! Enjoy!!!

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