Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DIY: Lighted Mason Jar

"Primitive Filled Lighted Mason Jar"


*Quart Sized Mason Jar

*Piece of coffee stained cheesecloth


*Potpourri Oil or Primitive Room Spray

*Large Ziploc Baggie

*20 count light strand (brown cord works best!)

*Gumband that fits around the neck of your Mason Jar

*Piece of coffee stained Homespun


First, we are going to take your cheescloth & your homespun and coffee stain them. Here is the link if you don't already know how to coffee stain. http://charsethman.blogspot.com/2009/01/tuesdays-tutorial-primitive-fabric.html

Set aside your cheescloth & homespun.

Now, we are going to prepare your rosehips by adding some scent to them. I know that alot of country shops sell Rosehips already scented, if you have access to them that way, great! But, I like to purchase mine unscented, and scent them myself. Either way is fine. Here is where I purchase from, they are fast in shipping, and have unscented & scented Rosehips. http://www.sachet.com/store/Default.asp

Scenting your Rosehips are very easy. I take and put a few cups into a large ziplock baggie. Now, take a few drops of your potpourri oil, and add to the baggie of rosehips. Also, if you are going to use your Primitive Room Spray, just spray lightly your Rosehips. Shake very well. IMPORTANT: You don't need alot of oil to scent your Rosehips! Just a few drops goes a long way!!!

Now, take your 20 count light strand, and put them into your jar; leaving the plug end out. Now plug in your lights, this is the easiest way to start the next step.

Add your Rosehips now, a little a time! Pull and arrange your lights as you go, adding a layer at a time of Rosehips, and arranging lights. Don't be afraid to lightly pack your Rosehips in, you can use a spoon if needed to pack them. Repeat this til your Mason Jar is filled to the top of the neck. 

Now, take your stained cheesecloth and cover the top of your Mason Jar, making sure to leave your plug end out. 

Take your Gumband now and secure your cheesecloth around the neck of the jar. 

Now take your piece of Homespun and tie it around the neck of the jar, covering the gumband. You are Done!! As your lights warm up, they will throw a light scent into the room from the scented Rosehips! Hope you enjoy! 

use the smaller Rice lights as they don't throw as much heat off if you are going to leave your lights on all day!! Personally, I love them little lights and they would be fabulous for this project! Thanks Cindy!

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