Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Crafting for my Grand Baby Abby

So my baby girl is going to have her 2nd baby very soon, in just a few weeks now
So we gave her a baby shower and guess what her baby theme is?  OWLS that's right and I can't believe how popular Owls have become. Cute little dickens they are too.

So I decided to make her an Owl Taggie Blanket
Then after that was finishes I decided to make this cute Wall Decor or Door Hanger for Baby Abby
it's all made from felt with some machine stitches and hand Needlework too
It's so cute

Once the tree limb was complete with the lil owl and bird and some flowers then I added leaves, ladybug and a name plate

It's just adorable and I can make other designs and any name, so these give me a great idea for baby gifts and craft show items.
Yes I have been busy. Between this and cooking and writing up new recipes, who has time!!

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