Thursday, October 17, 2013

Decorate Your Pumpkins without Carving-child friendly too

Here are some really creative Ideas to Decorate with Pumpkins this year without Carving.
NOTE: To the nice lady who called about the stencils/designs for these, I'm sorry I did not call back yet, however I've had bronchitis and can hardly talk loudly enough to be heard and now a stomach bug that has lasted over 5 days, this is not good, I will tell you that the site that posted these last year as noted here, does not seem to still have the patterns available, and I did not save them, what I suggest is you find a font you like and print out your design then trace it onto your pumpkins.
Hope this helps.

With Halloween right around the corner, DIYers everywhere are turning their creative efforts to a new task- pumpkin carving. Although we still carve them, we also paint, glitter, stuff and even bake with them.  So whether you’re looking for an easier craft trying to involve your children while keeping safety a top-priority, these no-carve DIYs are perfect for you. I have compiled a variation of pumpkins for your viewing pleasure from all around

Child-Friendly Designs

Pumpkin designs don’t have to be spooky! Display this adorable centipede DIY from Better Homes and Gardens in your front yard. Spray paint each “body segment” with lime green paint, and finish off with felt spots and two giant googly eyes. For an extra creepy (cute!) touch, have your centipede poke out from a section of tall grass.

These make a cute giant caterpillar don't they?

SPOOKY boo!! with glitter silver paints is so cute
then we have the skeleton pumpkin gate watcher here
which gives me ideas because I have an old plastic skeleton missing a head that would be great here

Here is a cute idea, just need some ribbon and rick rack and glue, and let the kids even join in making these
Oh but you must see this cute Pumpkin Owl, with the Owl Lovers out these days, she is sure to make a hit.

if you're the type who has old stuff laying around the garage or barn, here's something you're sure to go for, its really appealing.
I for one love crows, they are one of my totem animals
so I'm thinking of making one with an artificial pumpkin that can be reused, which you could do with most of these.
what is halloween without a few bats around

these are not only perfect for my home but easy too, takes some simple duct tape and lots of time.

another favorite of mine, you can download the pattern here and paint the design

this could be used to represent your family, how happy
OH yes I do like Glitter--this is a keeper
how cute is this

and Of course the Witchy stockings and shoes
adorable, painted on and add a bow
the breast cancer awareness Pumpkins, think Pink, give because you care
save the tata's


  1. Awww these are great. I am not very good at carving so these no-carving pumkin designs are perfect for me. Thanks! I'd love to feature some of them in my own list of favorites if you will allow me to. Cheers!

    ` Shiela
    Pumpkin Carving Ideas

    1. Glad you like them, I posted where I found most, and yes you may post as you like too, please give a link to my blog for more ideas, thanks