Friday, November 15, 2013

My Grand daughter's Special Dress

I am a proud new Grandma again, My daughter has had their newest family member Abby was born November 1, 2013, she is just a little bitty baby. SO beautiful just like her Mommy and her Grandma :)~

She is very tiny, so newborn clothes doesn't fit yet, and when my daughter went shopping for a Dedication(baptism) Dress, she couldn't find one she liked so I went to work. She wasn't a premie but she looks like one.

I took this pattern, it comes in XXS-XL sizes, but even the XXS was too big, so I cut it down some to fit her tiny measurements

I made a few alterations, including down sizing to shall we say XXXS
and shortened it several inches because Mommy wanted a shorter dress
Next we picked out some trims in the color that my daughter wanted for Abby
These will be so pretty on her dress.

So after sewing the skirt back and front together, I sew the hem and then add the bottom trims

Then I put the trim on the dress front bodice 
Then next I trim the sleeves of the dress
Next I sew the bodice and sleeves all together and the lining of the bodice 
Last I add the skirt buttonholes and buttons
A ribbon for the waist if she likes it and she will be the princess she was born to be.
Here is the finished dress
Isn't it just beautiful
Oh did I mention I have sewn professionally now for many years.

I love her so much and so does all her family
She also has a beautiful sister who is 2 1/2 
Yes I am a proud Grandma

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