Thursday, December 12, 2013

Diy Scented Fire Starters Made In Cupcake Tins

These are so cute and what a great idea for people with fire places or outdoor fire pits
I will be making these for gifts this year.

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Great For Around The House Or Give Them As A Gift***
 You will need: 24 or so Pine Cones 2lbs Wax (I used soy) 
Candle twine or pre-cut wicks 
A Scent (Optional) 
1 cupcake pan 
Baking cup liners 

Directions: First I cut 24 – 8 inch strips of my candle twine and wrapped it around the bottom of each pine cone. Leaving about 2 inches pulled towards the top for “lighting purposes” Then in a mason jar, I heated up the wax. It took me a three ‘jar and wax’ melts to have enough wax for all of my pine cones. Once the wax had melted, just before pouring, I added the scent (I used the recommended dose on the bottle). I made sure it was mixed then I poured the wax into the cupcake liners about half way full placing one pine cone in each slot immediately after. Once they were dry (about two hours) I peeled them out of their liners… …and ta da a super cute smelly fire-starters!

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