Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's springtime, scarf Time

I have been browsing some new FREE Patterns today and Have a couple pages to share with you who Crochet. I know how much it pleases you to share freebies and ideas and how you sit on edge waiting for more of my finds. :)
So here are some new Pretty spring things just for those of you who deserve My time spent searching and sharing with YOU.
May it bring joy to your fingers to join with me in creating new things.
I found this pretty Flowery scarf, I will add a few of my own touches to this
Go check it out
Spring Flower41

Also another pretty scarf is found here

and one more I found bright and colorful can be found here
Crochet Granny Infinity Scarf and Cowl Free Pattern
Do go pick a pattern to make a pretty spring scarf for yourself or friends and family too
Have a great Thursday, I am off to play some games and enjoy a glass of VINO.

Happy Blessed Beltane and MayDay

Blessed Beltane Friends and followers, even those who spy and stalk me!!
I am here today in such a joyous mood and just came in from a Beltane Celebration with friends.
I am excited spring has sprung us into May Day, and I have lots of news.
Did you make a pretty May Basket? I did one  and filled it with some pretty flowers.
I also made some baskets like these and filled with suckers for the grand kids.
Then I went to my daughters to plant flowers but it started to get very windy and so we decided to wait till after the next cold spell which is blowing in at this very moment tonight.
I have planted some seeds and have them covered now.
I had a nice ritual for my Beltane, and enjoyed a moment of meditation and devotion tonight.
I am thankful for being who I am, and being here on this earth with family, friends and mother nature and all that surrounds me and my wonderful life.

Beltaine Poem

By Kirsten Houseknecht

Welcome joyous Beltaine!

The May Queen dances in,

and the beautiful May flowers,

in the Lady's hair are pin'd.

Welcome glorious May Day!

which oft is called Beltaine,

For the strong and virile Horned God,

is a waiting in the grain.

Welcome celebration!

The wedding feast is set,

for the bright and shining Lady,

and her handsome Lord, here met!

Welcome joyous Beltaine!

Let all the world delight,

for the Lord and Lady's union,

is the greatest of the rites!

Welcome glorious May Day!

Merry Meet and Merry Part,

until once again the cycle,

brings us to each others heart!