Monday, May 19, 2014

Clean Those Makeup Brushes!!

Happy Monday to My Friends
So today was cleaning day, blah right? well I decided to clean makeup brushes while cleaning my bathroom
Yeah You know they need it now and then or more often ;) So when cleaning makeup brushes
how do you do it?
Ingredients for Cleaning Brushes:
2 Pumps Baby Wash
Fill your sink with very warm water
Swirl to mix and wash your brushes

You can also wash your hair combs and brushes with this same recipe
Well when I clean mine, I use baby soap (see the Johnson's Baby Wash in the Picture)and gently swish them back and forth in the sink in very warm 
water. Then I leave them just a minute or two and rinse out in clear water and shake gently
then I lay them out on a towel to dry, be sure to smooth out your brush ends.
This is only half of my brushes ;)
don't they look pretty and ready to do a lot of fun things
It's very important to clean your brushes because they can Contain Germs that you don't want to put on your face. People don't realize the germs in things
I also do a check after washing to see if the bristles are still in good shape and either I may do a trim
Or it may be time to toss some brushes
My Eyeliner brushes and shadow brushes get washed more often 
For those quick washes I use a gentle swish in the palm of my hand to clean them up quickly

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