Sunday, June 22, 2014


So I really get a kick out of all the KEEP CALM things I see everywhere, don't you?

Well I decided to make some T Shirts with the idea I chose this saying "KEEP CALM and stick a pin in it" mainly because I've always been a seamstress and it fits!
I cut out the words with my Cricut and iron on Glitter Vinyl
 and then I made the designs with
"Transfer Magic Injet Transfer Paper(I got my first package at Walmart but there are many places you can get it, including ordering online
**amazon has it for light shirts and Dark too, isn't that awesome? Yes Yes it is
These are awesome you can take photos of your kids, family, artwork you make,
and any other ideas you can come up with, print it onto these sheets and walla you have precious moments saved and can iron onto anything that is heat safe with just your iron
I love this stuff
It even comes with a program to download free to use to make T Shirt transfer and other iron on projects to give you ideas
see notes**
Instructions are easy to follow and they last
**I wash my iron crafts inside out on a cool setting, and to be safe I don't recommend drying in a hot dryer
I either hang mine to dry or use a low setting

The letters are such a pretty Purple Glitter
the camera never shows glitter for me
If you have a Cricut cutter(I Love my Cricut)
You can cut out any letters from their cartridges
with all kinds of scrapbook papers or iron on sheets that you can buy at your local craft stores
or order online like I did these
then to be different I decided to also put a cute little voodoo doll on the back shoulder as well
I really like it this way
T Shirt Projects can be very simple to make
or you can spend more time on the details, it just depends what medium you decide to use
Check out my hand painted T Shirts here 
I do take orders on my hand crafts
Email me at for ordering information
thanks for looking and if you share please link back and do give me a shout

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