Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY: Make your own watering cans our of milk or juice jugs

I have lots and lots of flowers and herbs and even veggies in all kinds of pots that need watering and sometimes I just don't want to drag that hose around the yard so instead of buying lots of water sprinkling cans that cost @$5.00 each I decided to make some of my own from Milk or Juice Jugs.

What you Need:
A Dremel tool or A Drill with a small thin bit
I Love My Dremel Tool It does so much

Milk Jugs or Orange Juice Jugs with Lids

Milk Jug with lid on it
Orange Juice Jugs work too

Drill several holes in the top of the Lid
Also for Air drill one or two little holes in the top edge of the Jug 

Then fill your jugs with water
and you're ready to sprinkle your flowers or herbs
with light droplets of water so not to injure flower petals or leaves from a heavy hose
or when your flowers need a little water and you don't feel like dragging that hose all over your yard
Or these work great on balconies and terraces too

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